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When it comes to building your brand in 2020, you have to consider social media marketing. Social media offers you the opportunity to interact with a variety of your customers while reaching out to new ones. Likewise, with the use of social media, you can turn your E-commerce store into a household brand.

In this post, we will be sharing tips on how to leverage two of the biggest social media platforms to grow your brand. Facebook and Instagram are two of the most downloaded free apps in the world. Currently, Facebook averages more than 2 billion active users monthly. Likewise, Instagram holds the second position for active monthly users with over a billion people.

While both social media platforms will grant you access to customers, they differ in the average demographic and style. For instance, Facebook appeals to older adults while Instagram appeals to the younger population. Regardless, it is important to understand each social network and tailor your content in a way that will appeal to your desired audience.

While it is important to leverage all social media platforms available to you. The strategies for a successful marketing platform will differ. You must understand the difference between Facebook and Instagram to effectively boost and promote on brands on each platform.

Difference between Facebook and Instagram

To better position your E-commerce brand on both Facebook and Instagram, it is crucial to note the differences that will help shape your marketing plans. Below are some of the key areas that both platforms differ;

Demographics: When we talk about demographics, we typically mean the type of people that use either or both platforms. Knowing the demographics gives you an idea of how to shape your content for the target audience. One of the obvious stats that highlight the difference between Instagram and Facebook is the age range of their active users. While younger people especially teens prefer Instagram, people over the age of 30 prefer Facebook. For marketers, Instagram is the ideal platform to appeal to a younger and vibrant audience. Meanwhile, people on Facebook tend to have higher incomes making them an ideal target to market and sell products and services. Therefore, you are likely to get trendy on Instagram and make more sales using Facebook.

Engagement: One of the key metrics for any brand is engagement. Engagement helps to validate the success of a marketing campaign while promoting your brand. According to a recent study, the median engagement on Instagram is 1.60% per post compared to Facebook’s 0.09% per post. Most businesses have experienced the disparity in engagement after posting similar content on both platforms. For example, Quest nutrition is a brand with over a million followers on Facebook and half a million on Instagram. However, they observed that whenever they post the same content on both platforms, they get higher engagements on Instagram despite the number of followers they have on Facebook. One of the few reasons for this could be the nature of the post. While Instagram is mainly a visual platform, Facebook does better with text. Therefore, the type of as well as the timing can significantly change the rate of engagement on both platforms.

Functionality: Another important difference to note between the two platforms is how users make use of them. Instagram is primarily a platform for visual content like photos and videos that users post to capture specific moments. On the other hand, Facebook is typically informational. Understanding this functional difference will help you create content that will help build your brand on both platforms. The fact that Facebook is informational is the reason a lot of businesses have a business page on the platform. Also, it could explain the reason why it takes longer to build a profile on Facebook. Meanwhile, with Instagram, it is up about appeal and visually pleasing content. By understanding these distinctions, you can better appeal to audiences on both platforms.

Tips to grow your E-commerce Brand on Facebook

  • Keep Your Pages Up-to-Date: People pay a lot of attention to business pages on Facebook. Therefore, it is important to curate your Facebook business page in a professional manner. Ensure that the description reflects the value of your brand, make sure every detail of your business is correct and updated and make use of your brand keywords. Finally, make sure things like logo, opening hours, and location tally with other social media marketing materials to avoid confusion

  • Keep up with new features: Facebook has a habit of adding new features to the platform. As a brand, you have to be aware of these features and use them to reach out to your audience. For example, Facebook Live and Facebook Stories are relatively new features that you can leverage to reach your audience.

  • Facebook Advertising: While Facebook does incorporate tools like Shop Now to help you as a brand make sales. You still have to fine-tune your sales process and advert choices to have reasonable conversion rates. Also, it is important to do your research on fast selling products before making use of Facebook advertising to get a better ROI.

Tips to grow your brand on Instagram

  • Original Content: While we have established that Instagram is for photos and videos. To garner better engagement, you have to make your content as unique and authentic as possible. Let every picture or video reflect the value of your brand. You can incorporate visual slides into your content.

  • Hashtag: Instagram and Twitter are two platforms that make use of the hashtag very well in order to share a post as well as increase engagement. Therefore, try to develop a creative hashtag for your brand that you can use with your marketing campaigns.

  • Advertising: Similar to Facebook, Instagram also provides tools that would enable you to turn engagement to sales. Therefore, try to test out your advert options before using Instagram advertising.

  • Contests, Discounts, and Promos: It is easy to create content with discount codes, a contest or promos on Instagram. Research shows that such content are more likely to receive more engagement from your target audience compared to simply posting a picture. You can effectively use this method to promote your brand while generating sales.

In conclusion, there are still a lot more strategies that you can employ when looking to build your brand on social media. However, the tips above are the starting point. For more information on how to grow your E-commerce brand do reach out to us via our webpage @ or contact us via Facebook ( and Instagram ( We will be going into more details in our next post, do subscribe to our mail to receive notifications on new post.



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