Why Shopify Is The Best Platform for Businesses?

Updated: Dec 25, 2019

What are the Top Reasons for using the Shopify Platform?

Selling or renting products and services on the internet is now the best way to do business, this is no surprise at all given the number of people all over the world flocking or log on (to use a more technical term) to the internet daily to find information, or find a business where they can get just about anything they could want.

As result of these millions of businesses all over the world are either starting up an eCommerce site for their business or brand or taking their services/products beyond the traditional brick and mortar to place their business the best chance to tap into a rich vein of potential customers that go on to the World Wide Web finding businesses that offer the services they do.

Though the possibility of unprecedented growth that the internet offers is amazing, it makes the business world even more competitive and we see a trend where bigger brands or businesses are able to keep a stronghold on the market as they able to afford the services of experienced and professional web developers and marketing tools that will get their business a step or two of start-ups and smaller businesses. But now the playing field is becoming a bit more level as wonderful eCommerce platforms like Shopify are helping small businesses and start-ups grow by assisting them to own their online store and also have the opportunity of improving their visibility online and making the most ROI (return on investment) with their relatively smaller budgets.

What Is Shopify?

If you are reading this post and own a business and have little or no idea about what Shopify is, and you might take comfort in the fact that other business owners like you do not know about this platform, but you are definitely on the right path, so keep reading.

Shopify is a Canadian eCommerce platform that assists businesses to start, promote, and grow their business by making available to them a wealth of tools to assist them not online own an online store but also get seen by potential customers. This company is one of the top eCommerce platforms in the world (if not the best). Proof of this is how many small businesses are sign-up to the platform to assist them in better position their business for growth. As of 2018, the brand announced that it had over 1 million brands/businesses using its platform all over the world.

How Does It Work?

Just like how bloggers and other people now have the privilege of building a or blog or website using WordPress, as opposed to in the past where they would need to hire the services of web developers to assist them design, build, and run their blogs, Shopify provide brands with all the tool required to build, market, and host their very own online store. Put simply, imagine a virtual hub that hosts and manages several stores, that virtual hub is Shopify.

Exciting huh? Well, why don’t we tickle your interest a little more by educating you on some of the benefits that Shopify offers to businesses just like yours?

Helps Start-Ups Start Right

Given all the complications that come with getting a brand/business up and running especially in the dog eat dog world of eCommerce a lot of start-up owners do not know where to start or how to compete. But thanks to Shopify these business owners now have an easier way to start their online store. When they sign up to Shopify, they are able to try out this platform through a 14-day free trial period and can access some free tools that will help them design their store by selecting a theme, deciding on products to sell (if you haven’t already decided) and get it up and running, after which they will be required to subscribe to a plan. This platform helps start-up gain an online presence, connect their brands to customers, and make sales.

Flexible Pricing Plans

As previously mentioned, after the free 14-day free trial period, Shopify users can then decide on whether to continue using the platform and choose a pricing plan that befits the size of their business as well as their budget. Each pricing plan has fantastic tools that will assist the user run and administer their business with high efficiency. Smaller businesses can start by subscribing to Shopify Lite or Shopify Basic, while bigger brands can opt to use either Shopify, Advanced Shopify, or Shopify Plus.

It Has A Wealth of Tools

So, launching an online store isn’t all to starting your own online business, you would have to worry about how to market the business, how and where your website will be hosted, how to handle inventory and how to sell your products. Shopify doesn’t only help users build their store complete with payment options, and shopping cart, the platform also hosts the store on their secure, reliable cloud-based network and using tools they also assist them to handle large inventories, as well sell and market their products using channels like Facebook and Pinterest.

Have You Heard of Dropshipping?

What if you were told that you can now start up your own business without actually investing money in buying or having the products in stock? They would be barking up the wrong tree, right? But this is very true. Dropshipping is a retail fulfillment option that allows an online store/retailer to sell products to customers and making a profit without owing an inventory, by buying the products from a manufacturer or a wholesaler and having it packaged and shipped to the customer. Shopify offers this service with a third-party company known as Oberlo.

Great Backend Support

Shopify is designed to make the success of your store relatively easier by efficiently handling the backend of your store using administrative and analytic tools that will give you a clear picture on the performance of your store so that you can concentrate more on applying the right strategies to make sales and improve profit margins.

Offers More Payment Gateway Options

Method of payment is a very vital part of running an online store (after all you are in this mostly for the money, right?) and as such other eCommerce platforms offer few payment providers to the stores they host. Shopify however, offers its users over 100 payment providers from around the world so that business owners and their customers can complete transactions easily without hassle.

If you are excited about these perks, you are right to be because Shopify is built to take your business to the next level with far less stress. However, there are so many other perks to using this platform, so to try it for yourself, go on to for more info and get started on your path to building a successful brand.

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